Netball Classes for Children aged 10 to 12 years –

Fun Netball Guru


Children aged 10 to 12 years






– Graduate from Netball Kiddos

– Member of School’s Competitive Netball CCA


Coach To Student Ratio

1 : 15 to 20



Kallang Netball Centre, 6 Stadium Boulevard



8.00am – 10.00am


What To Prepare

Students are to be in sports attire and in proper sports shoes. Bring your own water/drinks.

Fun Netball Gurus is the next level after Fun Netball Kiddos, usually for players 10 – 12 years old. In this class, the players learn more attacking, defending skills as well as strategies. The players are also exposed to more friendly games in this level. Some form of fitness training is also involved to ensure the players are fit for the game.


Focus :

  • – Fun, engaging and maximum participation games
  • – Dynamic drills
  • – Develop character on and off court
  • – Create team identity
  • – Build on basic netball skills to develop advance skills
  • – Learn about strategies in attacking and defending
  • – Understanding working together in units
  • – Communicating effectively on and off court